Mike Mitch - Speak it in Existence

Mike Mitch, born and raised in Harlem, has a love for music that inspires him to continuously work to expand & improve. Currently he is his own songwriter, recording & mixing engineer. He loves to intertwine witty wordplay with thorough sonics to create a unique sound. As a member of his shared entrepreneurial company (Limitless Imprint Entertainment) , he has learned to market his music, develop & execute his image through photography as well as visuals, & generate high quality sounds through recording services he built from the ground up. Ideally, he wants to show that music can still generate uplifting messages to motivate success in others & tell his story of fighting to strive for more in the process. The goal throughout is to remain true to himself and his own "image". 

"Speak it in Existence" is the leading single off of the music project "Forever Grateful". Focusing on reaching dreams, goals and aspirations until they become reality. 

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